About Oakmere Advisors in Tokyo, Japan, Singapore

Company at Glance

We deliver professional advisory to investors and effective services to manage the assets of a sophisticated clientele worldwide.

Oakmere Advisors is an independent company founded in 2010 that provides financial counseling to a worldwide clientele, helping them achieve their unique financial objectives.

We commit to provide our clients with a broad selection of comprehensive services in capital strategies, customized and closely-fitted to attain the client’s investment objectives. We belong to an international association composed of fifty mercantile exchanges, with a global network reaching all major financial centers of the world. As such, we possess a clear advantage in the investment industry which we utilize to benefit our clients.

A Full Range of Financial Services

Oakmere Advisors delivers a wide range of various financial products, such as: mutual funds, stock, exchange traded funds, industrial and agricultural commodity trading. Aside from those, we also specialize in derivative-trading, including such products as futures, forwards, swaps & options. With our reliable research and precise timing, our full-service portfolio plans will facilitate your capability to manage the uncertainties of the present global markets.

Please get in touch with Oakmere Advisors for additional information regarding our services and products, as well as to fully understand how you can project and achieve a stable future of financial security.

Mission and Values

Our company commits to help achieve the financial aspirations of our clients and their families.

In the present economic conditions, we adhere to the principle of providing efficient investment management to ensure that our clients are aware of market patterns. Hence, in order to highlight and maintain viability, we constantly develop our investment strategy and principles to guarantee that our clients always have a solid foothold in the erratic worldwide economic trends. We continually keep ahead of the pack by projecting the world’s economic future into the present through our use of detailed and precise research studies. We devote our efforts to offer our clients with the approaches that provide them the assurance of remaining always secure and prepared for whatever market challenges that may appear ahead.

Responsible for your Financial Well-Being

Foreseeing the future movement before the market at-large does while moving toward it before others do, presents us a more secure and stable advantage, and, thus, fundamentally gives our clients greater confidence and safety. We comprehend the factors that influence wealth accumulation quiet well, and, moreover, the solutions needed to assure that our client’s financial goals are met all the time. Having a more responsive entry into the market and a perfectly timed exit, our approach not only lets us dispel all undue exposure to risk but will likewise attain more significant profits, enhancing your year-end revenues. Our clients have realized the great discrepancy between common and extraordinary capital growth.

Aligning Vision with Reality

Our vision is to keep your financial legacy intact, yet enhanced to such extent that you attain the kind of retirement life you have wished for all these years. Moreover, we see to it that your children and their children will not drowned in a proverbial sea of indebtedness, but that they are able to attain some degree of comfort and security in life which you have worked so hard to achieve. For we must admit, we all want to have a less-stressful passage through life’s exigencies.

Our vision is to constantly deliver to our clients the vital information they need even prior to the greater market knowing it, providing efficient financial advisory with an eye into attaining our client’s complete satisfaction.

Mission and Values


  • To remain committed to enhancing every client’s assets we manage and to safeguard their financial interests toward continued prosperity, no matter what the market conditions are.
  • To deliver top-quality financial management solutions with the help of our equally proficient administrative staff.


  • We work within a code of ethics which imposes upon our company a constant sense of transparency and integrity.
  • We honor the financial needs of our clients in a manner that produces a higher sense of well-being for all concerned.